Sunday, December 11, 2011


A little update on my rants 1st.
Really, sometimes it's just so sad.
Already such a small small antsy community, yet no supports.
Or rather, not enough.
When we had any events, it's always the regulars.
By the 's' I mean 2 or 3.never more.
Or sometimes, even lesser.
In my opinion, because we are small, therefore we should support more.
Because we have the chance to do so.
It's better than being big, going into a gigantic building and come out without knowing everyone inside the building.
That, I think is pathetic.
It's like you just go, do you own things, then come back.
What???might as well do it alone at home.==
The idea for it originally is for fellowship.So what is this???
But then again, I think God has his own plan.
Somehow, a smaller community make us more close-knit.
At least, we don't go home without 1st talking(almost) to everyone else.
And the best thing?every single one gets noticed.No matter how not important they are.
Everyone is treated like a VIP in this place.
And relationships with people are closer.
We don't have any 'cliques' or the 'cool' group or whatsoever.
It's either you talk, or don't talk at all.
We don't form cliques, and the times being together had been fun.
And together means everyone is in it.
But com'on, we could always use a lil more support with events like this.

ps: I did an update on my last visit to Tropicana Mall.It's after Asus and Service.
Don't know why it went down there.

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