Friday, January 27, 2012

2012农厉新年(CNY) Part 1

I really did thought of writting a blogpost in Chinese.
To 'kononya' improve my Chinese.
But my Chinese is becoming rusty where I wanted to describe something yet is unable to do it in Chinese.
I need to brush up my chinese more.
Since I communicate with most people in English.
Thus my Chinese is like so Primary 6 standard.Or less.

My time is always always not enough.
If there are extra hours per day, how nice would it be.
I just need say, 8 hours extra?
People say you gotta make time for your stuffs.
But I seriously have to do a lot of stuffs.
Eventhough I prioritise, still I need to finish all, even the not so important ones.

Enough said, this post is supposed to be a happy post.
I did enjoy my CNY this year.
Like BEST!!!!
Thought of studying while in my Grandma's house, so I brought THREE books back.
LOL.And I only read half a page there.*failure
Haha.What is CNY without play???
And we collect angpaos, play firecrackers, laugh as loud as I want, eat, eat and EAT!!!!!

I know I know, what's a post without photos eh?;D
These are photos taken on eve of CNY.

In car.On the way to my kampung.

My Nai Nai skinning chicken for us. ;D

Backyard of My Nai Nai's house

 My Ye Ye and Ezra.

 HAHA.Can you believe this WAS me?????????
*stolen from a secret drawer xp

trying to take a zi lian pic with the gigantic mirror

the oil palm plantation near my Nai Nai's house

Prettyful flowers planted in the garden.
My Nai Nai got talent man!

 Edwin, playing firecrackers.

Ezra too. 

 And it's 团圆饭 time!!!!

We placed this firecracker on a tree to welcome increase the 气纷。

 one mroe zi lian pic.

 This is near Teluk Batuk.Sadly, we didnt swim there, just walking around and sightseeing.

trying to do 'hide behind the pillar' pic, obviously not very successful.HAHA

 Play again!night time firecrackers are much nicer!!!

Hows your CNY??
Enjoy kao kao, coz its once in a lifetime u get to celebrate CNY 2012!
Have a great day!!!!<3

ps: I cut-ed my hair.UGLY.

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