Saturday, February 11, 2012

All about Love


Found this while flipping thru my diary.
It's not a
Merely a quote kinda-thing.But it's a long long quote.
And actually diary-stuff are not supposed to be shared, but I really find this inspiring.
So I'm sharing it here.


If I can sing beautifully and sing like an angel,
but don't love others,
I sound like a child, banging on a piano or a screeching radio.

If I am very smart, almost a genius, 
if I can figure out the hardest math problems and understand sentence diagrams, 
but don't love others, 
I am nothing.

Love will stand in line and wait it's turn.

Love looks for the good in others.

Love doesn't always want what others have, and it doesn't brag about what it does have.

Love is polite, even when the others are rude.

Love doesn't always have to be first.

Love isn't happy when someone else fails but is happy with the truth.

Love will always protect others, especially those who are often picked and teased.

Love always believes the best about others and is steady and true...

Love never gives up.


Beautifully copied out from the NIV Adventure Bible.
LOL.But you gotta admit, the way it is written is really beautiful and true.
And I who strongly believe that Love is very important, and is placed highest of all in the hierarchy of values.
Think of it, won't you??
If the world has love, there would be peace and harmony.
If the world has love, there won't be any war.
If the world has love, there won't be any crime rates,
no jails, no guns, no rape cases, no snatch thefts.
If the world has love, much tears of disappointment and depression would have been reduced.
There won't be any anger and hatred,
But all beautiful and good things.

*sigh* I want to live in that kinda world.Wouldn't you?

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