Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last Day CNY 2012

Truth is, today is last two day.
But I can't think of any significant title, and i prob won't write an entry tmr too.

Just came back from visiting one of our secondary school teacher, Pn Lau.
And i only have one photo with me , which i uploaded from my twitter.=(

Because I didnt bring my cammie!!=(
(restraining form using bad words lol)

And all other photos are either in Bree's Iphone;
or a group photo in Pn Lau's dslr.

Nonetheless, I've enjoyed.
I really liked the time we spent in Pn Lau's place.
Eventho it's a once a year thing and for just 4 hours.
So thanks Chai Yin for organising (I know you're reading this XP)
(And I'm not jealous, so don't worry---abt the afterparty ;D)

This is the best CNY ever!!!
And i shall say this again, enjoy kao kao !
*blows kisses*

This is stolen from PnLau's fb:
Love Love Love!!
ps: I know most have fb and already seen this photo.But this is specially for Breena, who doesn't have fb.This is how much i love u, breena.LOL

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