Tuesday, March 13, 2012

In RapidKL's

I want to curse, like the F-word or something equivalent.
But I won't.
But you can imagine how pissed off I am.Again.
Yes, again.

So really, anytime from 5pm-6pm, where my classes usually ends, I dread going home by bus.
By RAPIDKL BUS.(I'm not talking metrobus, because I don't board metrobusses.Don't think there is one for my location anyway)
Back to story, this is on RAPIDKL.I don't care, this is not defamation.This is TRUE STORY.
Somebody should take notice of this and correct the problem.

Why??Because when it's peak hour,
Then THE CRAZY BUS DRIVER would just let anyone and everyone board the bus.
Eventho it is already FULL TO THE BRIM.
And when I say FULL TO THE BRIM, it literally means there is not even an inch apart from each person.
Even the DILARANG BERDIRI part near the entrance and the back exit are full of people.
WHAT THE EARTH is wrong with you, you CRAZY BUS DRIVER?
WHERE's your human heart??
Don't you know, that when you DRIVE SO FAST AND STOP SUDDENLY people are going to FLY OUT OF THE DOORS????????
Common sense la, brother.
They are HUMAN, a living thing.

If you already know that the bus cannot take on anymore people, why do you still let people come in?
Why do you ASK US IN THE BUS TO STAND CLOSER TO EACH OTHER so that there will be space for more people???
AS IF THAT IS NOT ENOUGH, he just happily shout and beckon to people to go in through the back exit.

which means this is not a 2012 March problem.Must have been occuring for a long long time.
But I WANA KNOW, why aren't any actions taken?
And they go about 'we gonna transform this transform that blablabla'
Why can't they just do something about it?Provide mroe busses during peak hours LAH!

there was a time, where this big, fat man.Fact: big belly like carrying a five month old.
Unless he got cancer in the stomach which leads to him have the big stomach.
Anyway, let's not curse him.
So this fat man, (I'm emphasising that he is fat because it's important later) was standing behind me.
So as people kept on piling, we were squeezed between one another.
True story, not exaggerating.We were like SARDINES in a can.
The only difference is that there is a liltle space for the sardines to still swim in the can if the need arises.
See, in my case, there really isn;t even one cm from one person to another person.
This big belly fat man, came so close to me, he was MOLESTING MY BUTTOCKS with his BELLY.
I kept trying to inch away from this fat man but I CAN't because I'm stuck.NO PLACE NO MOVE.
worst thing is the driver kept on asking us to'masuk belakang' eventho belakang sudah tak boleh dimasuk.
and the big belly fat man just keep pushing against me.

I BEH tahan lo, I kept trying to move away, and i can't.
So what I did, I HOP OFF THE BUS.
Really, and waited for the next bus.
Now, if that wasn't bad enough,
I hop off and onto the next bus at the same bus stop.
No diffence in distance.AND I WAS CHARGED EXTRA.
Totally illogical.Why charge extra when i didn't even move.
WHAT THE EARTH kinda SYSTEM is this?
KONONYA encouraging ppl to use the public transport.
How?When the system itself is 'mo ngan tai'.

I want to.
YES.I want to.get out of here, and go somewhere else.Which is better.Example, our southern neighbour.
Till today, I still don't understand, we have more natural resources than them, more labour, yet we are WAAAAAY behind, in moral and in technology
Have you been there?because if you have , then you would know what I'm talking about.

Here's an irrelevant story, the next time i get molested or touched by unknown MAN, I'm gonna shout.
I'm not gonna quit or keep quiet anymore, so you better watch out.
IF you have no one to play with, go get a WIFE home and play with her.dont touch anybody else.
We, all sensible girls would appreciate it.END OF STORY THANK YOU.


Jac Lyn said...

Wow... The situation is worse than what I have seen. The government should really do something on our public transport system instead of giving away RM500 everyday.

Jac Lyn said...

Wow... The situation is worse than what I have seen. The government should really do something on our public transport system instead of giving away RM500 everyday.