Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Stress time Not

I feel like almost everytime I type out something, or feel the need to type out something, it always ends with a sad note.Or rather, frustrating and stressfully.
So I thought that I'd try to type in something happy and joyful, even at this time.
Where I have seven weeks left to the A2 exam.
I can't seem to think of anything else except for 'EXAMS.' 'Revision' and 'Stress'
Those three words describe my life almost perfectly.
Come to think of it, I never really did anything enjoyable for a looooong looonng time.
Everything was such a rush, it's like time is slipping by, I need to catch hold of TIME.

Hmmmmm.....Cant think of
Sad life.LOL.
I refuse to think negatively.
Michele, Gogo!
ps: I have a friend who puts gogo as last name of fb.creative way of reminding self to add oil.

Anyway, rummaged through my cam, and I found some photos not uploaded before.

hows it?

by some makeup artist ;)

And the last:

with my perasan bro.=)))

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