Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Levels Finale Post

I have one last paper on Friday.
Which is a 'quan quan' paper.
Direct translation 'circle circle'.You know, objective paper.
And yes, I'm planning, hmmmm...
What am I supposed to do after that huh?

Listed a few down.
1. get as much $ as possible.woohoo!
2. Watch all dramas available.
3. I'm gonna do the fasting thing.Which I kinda told God that I would, after exams.
  Gotta keep that promise.And spend more time with God.
  Secret: I think my gift is to intercede.
 But I'm lacking in all areas.So I want to get closer to God.And hear him speak to me.=)
 God, you hear me?I want to hear You.
  And I have so many things to pray for.My future, my youth, my family...
  Yes, law has been quite scrap that.VERY TOUGH.
   Memorise dao like gonna die.
   Really lo.Even Bio was easier.
    But I have to trudge forward.Can't go back.
    I Will do law.Unless God expressly says no.

And I'm looking forward to spending time with my bestie, Breena!!!and later on, She-Reen!
YAY!!!We've got double dates!
True story.I've never had a friend who stuck to me for so long before.
She called me like every other day after SPM, that I kinda feel irritated.At first.'ve gotta forgive me, Bree, if you're reading this.
Because right now, I feel grateful that she had called me and persistently ask 'wassup' with my life.
IF she did not, and I don't.Which I normally dont,
Then today, I won't even have a Breena to hang out and joke around with.
FYI, Breena kinda always lose to my teasing, like 5:1.....ok.overrated.=)
yeah, sadly.most of my other friends just disaspear soon after we separate.=(
Fine, partly my fault too.Since I dont wassup them.
SO, Chill Bree.Here's a shout out to you:


ok.Didnt come out quite well.XP

But you know I what I meant, right?
Look forward to hanging out with you after our exams, hooray!!!

PS: I wanted to upload a pic of me n you.Then lazy + no readily available photos on my laptop.
       LOLOL.We'll take lotsa pics on Fri.Promise.

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