Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Wedding

My cousin sis, who is 9 years older than me got married!!!
When we heard about the news, around last dec, it was like 'surprise!!'
I remember 4 years ago, she was saying, I wanna get married before 30.
And was kinda sad coz 'boyfriend pun tak da.'
HAHA.But today, she is a MRS!!
Congrats, coussie dear!=)

Went back all the way to Ipoh.
And oh my! The ceremony was not even a ceremony.
She kept it simple n fuss-free.
Basically just go church early in the morning and sign n exchange rings.
Ta-daah!!Married, with a dinner event at the same day.
No tea ceremony, no firecrackers, no girls's night, just the wedding day itself.

But I don't think I will ever be able to that.
Before I wed, must enjoy kao kao of being single first.agree???=))
That's in 10 yrs time.

Starting from morning of The Day.

The people from my cuz's CG came to sing some songs and pray before the event kicks off.
*scribbles in my diary.I want to do that in future.To pray before everything else.*

the red carpet.The decor beside the benches are awesome.Ultra love!

My lil cousin as flower girl.

the bridesmaid.*head held*

ta-daah!Pretty Bride with her dad.

Sideview =)

The worship team.

Signing something.
ps: actually the bride n groom did exchange vows, rings, n kiss.
Too bad all photos concerning that came out blur.=(

Buffet Lunch

Yay!Mum and I.<3
ps: you know 1st time I wear something plunging V-neckline.Yucks.
I feel cheap.Haha.forgive me.I came out from the jungle.

Okay okay!!!
Now focus. on ME!=DD
Really one.First time in my whole entire life, I put eyeliner on and go out kay.
And it's drawn by myself.*bows*

First, Aunt n I.

 Mum n cuz fr Johor.

 Right!!!Ultra love this.
Look properly.I put xtra-large size.
Nice right??Yes.I love myself and I'm vain.HAHA

With my little cuz.
By right, they call me aunty.since it's cuz's kids.but NOOOOOO!!!!
I'm still young kay.It's a jie.Not aunty.> <

One more with them and lil bro.#likeaboss#

This is with another aunt's family;)

okay.Look look!!this one also very nice.
Family portrait like.Er..excluding dad n bro.

My 86 yr old grandma n I.
Excuse me, she can still cycle.Awesome!!
ps: See my dress??Love the waves down there.

With mum.
I look at this photo and I'm like:
Woah.Suddenly eye so big.Seriously, makeup does wonders!

Another pretty cuz with her fam.

The end.
HAHA.I have got very few photos of the groom n bride.
Coz tak sempat.They were too busy to take photos with me.
All the nice nice photos are taken by the prof photographer.
Therefore, I have none.=((
Shall end with a last.

Okay.This is xtreme vain.Saw this gigantic mirror and I have to snap one.
A girl's gotta be a girl.;)

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