Monday, August 13, 2012

Scrapped Knees

You ask, why the title??
Because, I fell so hard on my knees it hurts like cheese and I feel like crying.
Really, I feel like wanting to give up, and say enough.
But I have not finished.
Until I do so, then only am I going to say 'the end'.
I'm gonna stand up again.Tall and high.(If not taller, it would be as tall as 165cm.)
Then I'm gonna turn around and smile at those small stones that made me fall.

I've learned a lot.
I know who you are now.*smiles*

Thank you, for giving me the chance.
Thank you for opening up my eyes to see the world.
And I appreciate the little angels that you've sent to me.

I'm gonna stand up.
Now, who's gonna help me stand?=)

Okay, one chuan face to brighten my day.=))

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