Friday, June 29, 2012

End of June

Fact is.2 weeks had passed after my A levels exam.
Sadly, I didnt have enough 'me' time.
Straight after my A2, I went over to a church friend's shop to sew curtains---AX Home Deco
(did I say it before?hmm..don't remember)
The business has a Unique Selling Point in making curtains.
And the products are really nice too!!( here.)
Anyway, I sewed curtains for 3 days.
morning till evening.reach home at abt 8pm.==
Then one day spent on the road, to Phileo Damansara to retrieve my Simple voucher.
Wahlaoeh, jam here jam there.
Lucky got mum's friends to fetch us.Or else, probably another few hours lost trying to find the place.
And then, another day, spent in Sunway.Buying 'the' brother's sportshoe and trying to use up the voucher.
WAHLAOEH.the clothes like @@.
In miss selfridge every single garments are like rm 200++.
Wahlaoeh.Just a shirt.and a pathetic one too.
Lol.kampung girl.whatodo*sigh*
Hmm since when prices shot up that fast.Or was it like that from last time?
You know, it's okay if the clothes are priced likethat and of good quality.
But then, the materials are not even 100% cotton.(my fav)
It's like made of rubber.(yucks)
And thin too!!!
One positive point, cant deny the designs are awesome.
That's about it.Other than that, none.

And then, I started working.Since Mon.
In mum's friend's office.
Supposed to start July.But since she need my help, I'm here.Ta-daah!!
But she was nice enough, to invite me to Shougun for my birthday dinner.
Wahlao.When I went in, I was like 0.0.
Eyes that big.Literally.
Buffet, been to shabu shabu.and it was just 'ok'
This is awesome.
But I wasted a lot=(
Like I did'nt eat the cheese, but the scallop.
And the sushi rice was thrown away, I only ate the salmon.*hehe*

And then other than that.Work work work.
Gone from morning 6am till 8pm.How tiring!
Days dragged as tho it has been a month.
Last time during studies thought that time flies too fast.
Now, too slow!!!!!
But at least m y job can be considered a skiilled job.
And the environment n culture of the organisation is good.
The people are friendly n helpful enough.Teehee.
Ps: Today is Friday!!!how awesome to hear that!!!My last day for this week.

Okay, that's nearly everything that happened for the past 2 week.
Oh oh.And yeah, I'm 19 now.Officially.Sadly, last teen year.
Hope this year will be meaningful n memorable for me.
Please.Dear 19th year, etch yourself into my memories.Good ones, mind you!\

Right, tata!

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