Wednesday, November 14, 2012

14 Nov2012

*I ran out of ideas for the title*

Hello Hello!!
Yay to being a consistent blogger(on the way).

I think I need a revamp!What'dya think?
BREENA!!!!I NEED YOU!!!hahaha..
*breena runs*

And I also feel like wanting to change the blog-site.
Hmm..Should I do it?

On a side note, I have another 4 days of hol left=(
And I have still a whole stack of books to read up on!!!
I wonder how the lawyers out there do that.
Oh, the amount of reading, is like so terrifying weh!
I should take one photo of it and show here.haha.

Oh, and this happened in Timesquare.
The clothes ARE SO CHEAP!!!!
like you can grab a nice dress for RM 25 at most.
Or a shirt at RM 10.
WOAH. Even better than the market or pasar malam!
Plus, the quality is not bad!
I mean dont buy the chiffon ones la.I don't know about you, but i dont really like chiffons.
It looked so 'low quality' and cheap.Haha.
But the others were okay, at least not like those in pasar malam>>I just need to touch and i cant imagine myself wearing one of those.It's like so hot!(cheap rubber)

I bought a scarft, guess for how much?
RM 9!!!
haha.I should take one and show here.But am too lazy.
I will never look at other clothes the same way again.Seriously, this is like so shopping heaven!
You know la.Conclusion is: GO SHOP AT TIME SQUARE! 

And this is me, drinking from SYOU!
I never heard of the brand before too.HAHA.
But my milkslush was awesome!!
And they're on promotion.So it's buy 1 free 1.
Got one for mum and I.

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