Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Im Back!

Hello Hello!
Eons ago since I last typed in here.
This blog seems so history.Everytime I feel like typing an entry, I shrug it off thinking it's a waste of time.
Even now, I think it's a waste of time.LOL!
But really, what's a blog for if not to pen down some thoughts and random rants, eh?
So far, life's good.
God's transforming my life by the day;)
I'm still struggling a lot, though.Coz it's ULTRA DIFFICULT to spend QT with Him each day.==
No matter how serious the issue is, no matter how many times God reminds me again and again to spend time with Him, I always seem to fail.=(

On 2nd Issue, Degree started in September.
Thats like two and half months back!
Wahlao!Time flies.AGAIN.
Repeat the above sentence x10.
You get it?It's like, how nice if time can stop and wait for me to catch up.(Which it never does anyway)
I calculated, and I have like about 6k pages to finish in next 5 months.About 11 days ago, is the last time I tell people, I have 6 more months to go.
Now you see, another 19more days and I'll be telling everybody else 4 more months!!!
ARGH!!Hurry hurry!
You, post-spm-ers.
This is especially for you,
IF you're thinking of doing law, think again.
IF you think law is easy, think double!
If you think law is easier than medicine, then you better go take medicine.
Seriously, I've never studied that hard my whole entire life.==
and memorise so many things and NAMES my whole entire life.
And read n think critically about so many thigns my whole entire life.
But the best thing is that, I love my class now.
It's filled with nice, kind hearted, human classmates.*laughs*
Serious, so far, they are the most kind-est I've ever seen.
Ok, not all of them actually.But it's ok, the few ultra good ones are enough.
*stay close to me!*

On another note, these are a few backdated photos since my the last post and my laptop spoilt(again, 3rd time)
Ps: they gave me a new laptop of similar spec after much complains and calls and ta-daaah!Thank God.
But this is without warranty la.hopefully everything works out fine.*cross fingers*

Here's two bday girls.PS: its on a different day okay.

I love this pic the most.<3
It's like all grown up, compared to the 6 years ago when we first met :')
Friendship Forever!!

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