Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Moment of Anger

Have you ever just felt a 'rush' of anger?
So much so that you lashed out at someone spitefully,  or do some hurtful things.And then, later you feel the guilt and regret doing it.
FYI, that always happens to me.
Just had a 'shouting' competition with my younger brother.

Made a cup of soya milk for him coz he was hungry.
I poured it into a Doraemon cup, it's not really hiss cup, kinda like for anyone in the family to use.
The next moment he came in, he was crying and shouting that he wanted a red one.
And I thought he wanted a red straw, since he likes using straws to drink.
So I inserted one and yet he continues crying and crying.
Then, I got mad, and started shouting back too.
And the war starts....

Turns out he wanted a green cup, which he always uses when mum made milk for him.
Just that he can't express himself and remembered the colour wrongly.

10 minutes later, I feel bad, for shouting.
Seriously, it's just going as low as an 8 year old for shouting back when he shouts at you.
You know, since I'm 'grown-up' and all, should have just calmed him down and ask him to talk nicely, right?
Instead of shouting and shouting and shouting.
Stupid Michele.

This is just one of a gazilion times where I lose it and anger overtook, only to find out later that what I did was wrong.
Sigh.I'm sorry, Lord.
I'm sorry to all the people out there whom I lashed at just because of something small and silly.
I'm trying to be more patient, so give me the chance.

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