Friday, November 23, 2012

The Week That Just Passed

Hello Dear Blog,
It's been a week.A WEEK.without me realising it.
I thought I just did a post days ago, and it's been a week.
Was talking to my girlfriend when she reminded me of this.*laughs*
So basically, the last week has been rather busy, with lots and lots of things happenning.
Some of it I won't share here.Too much of emotional storm.

On a brighter side,
i wanna type the word again, MAKEOVER!!!
it's like my first, yeayea, i know i know, i came out from the jungle.
Come on, I'm a girl too, okay.
It's my 3rd time putting on full make up for as far as i can remember.
By full, I mean the base,the blusher, the eyeliner,eyeshadow,lid tape, the lipstick.
Yeah, it probably didnt seem quite full if compared to the makeup artists out there.
They probably have got primer, foundation, loose powder, lipliner,mascara,falsies, extraordinary eyeshadow.LOL
So it's actually an event sponsored by Cosway.For their loyal customers *bows*
And we all had a photoshoot.=))

Yay, it's like a mini celebrity for a lil while.I am vain.What to do.

This is momo being made-up.

HAHA.didnt purposely post this,but you can see the magic of makeup.

And this's me.The mini skirt super short I have to sit like that.I'm not trying to hiao ok.

Now this is one photo worth see-ing. My cutie pie.=)

Mom and I.
ps: I like the 2nd pic better, at least cant see the squareness of my jaw.=(

Us three.Now, this must put XL size so you all can see.LOL

Another handsome boy pic=)

People say, like sis, like bro.LOL(I just created that)

And this is what happened few days ago, I got fried under the sun, for one whole day.==
Sunkissed skin.Now I know what it looks like.
The fair skin part is actually where I wore the tag before the entrance into the Desa Water Park.
PS: I'll steal some pics from my girlfriend's fb to update here later.

And this is just recently, when we went KFC for dinner.
Now, tell me, muka ada nampak macam sama tak?

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