Friday, December 21, 2012



Today, being the last day of class for 2012, and being a 19 year old ever to step into class again, is a bit nostalgic for me.=(
Okay, actually as I type this, the class is already over.And it's 10pm here, I'm sitting in front of my laptop.
Today's devotion from Crosswalk Singles 'Try It, Yule Like It' asked readers to sit down and think of the past, present, and future.
That's what I'm doing now anyways.
I'm regretting not enjoying every possible moment in my life.
Sigh.The stress is kicking in once again, even during this Christmas season.
I just had a friend commenting that I radiate the stress through my expression, my body language.
I know right, of all the good things a friend can say, this is what he told me.
Guess it's kinda like a slap in the face, waking me up.
It's like ,'Michele, why are you drowning in your own misery?'
The way I see it, I've got a choice.
He was right.I should enjoy life.
Enjoy life as in enjoy the little things that happen each day, enjoy the 'stress' that God inputs into my life.
Sometimes, you just gotta sit down and look around, taking in the surroundings, appreciate the chance to study, to have so many books piled high enough I can't see my way around it.
I'm not being sacarstic here.
I'm being totally serious.
The other day, another friend was telling me, 'Michele, can you please be positive at this moment?'
I know right, total control freak =Michele.

So, today, I decided.
Actually I decided many many many times.
It's just so easy to stray away, you know.
IT's just so easy to be engulfed by the storms of this world, many times I found myself drownin in deep waters, only to resurface and tell myself I will start doing the right things eg:swim.
Only to be distracted by what's happening down in the water.

That's why when people say 'I fail God everyday.But God never fails me'
I totally agree.
Sigh.Since last 3 months, all I've been trying to do is spend QT everyday.

Ok, but I'm doing it again.
This time putting a little more effort.
To enjoy and appreciate whatever God plans for me.
I should just surrender right.Since God has already planned the future for me.
Easier said than done.
I should really do it.
Shit.This is difficult.SO MANY TIMES I said I will.
I'm always coming back to square one!
ISSSH.This is so embarrassing punya failure.
It's like you know the solution, yet you just keep getting yourself trapped.

okok.I better stop here.This is going round and round over the same issue.
I probably blogged about this thousand and one times.

One happy moment this week, was outing with Breena.
To midvalley.Can you imagine?
The WHOLE MONTH of Dec I went out only once, to shop.
Okay, fine, plus IOI Mall, two.
ok.Whatodo.Be contemt with what you have now.

Okay, the pics.

The Date of the Day, dengan Aku.

Blur pic =(

Phewiit, self proclaimed model.Actually I forced her to pose like that one la..

Like an airplane gliding through the clouds.=))

Like a scarecrow je kan?

Does this pic makes me look old?

Behold, this is the best photo EVER!

Doesn't it just look like a perfectly take shot?The Background was so real and awesome too.
Like a magazine cover.I'm being real and serious.=)

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