Saturday, June 4, 2011


I have like so many things to update about.
And it's been so loooooooooooooong since I last online!!!!!!
First things first,
I enrolled myself in Brickfields Asia College.
And met Angeline while having my trial class.WOOOOTS!!!
And haha!!
There was this really pretty n a handsome lecturer.
Influenced by Angeline to scout around for "pretty"people in college.*winks*
Business studies was bOrING!!
Econs was okay.
But I didn't really liked the teacher.=((
Coz he kinda like feels happy in see-ing people suffer kinda thing.
So whatever.
It's sem break now.
And I'm in Johor!!!!!
Everything was great n fun and nice till yesterday.BOOHOO
Wana know what happened??
I joined a contest as a Simple skincare Facebook Ambassador last month.
Guess what??i got chosen as the TOP TENN!!!!!!
And I could go to a high tea and get my RM500 worth of prize.
I couldn't go!!!!!!!!!!
Cause I'm in Johor!
What do you think????SAD DAO DIE!!!
Really heartache lahh!!!
RM 500 man!!can use for one whole year!!
Whatever, I'll join more n win more next time.*hmmph**fold arms*
But I did my thing here also.
My cousin did make-up for me!!!! you the photos next time!!
till then, cya~~~~~

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