Friday, December 9, 2011

Asus and It's Service

I know I know.
Long hiatus.
All thanks to Asus.*inserts angry face*
Seriously, I wanna complain.
So my laptop's internal speakers spoilt like just less than 5 months after buying it.
What rationale do you have for that?
My laptop's covered under warranty for 2 years.
I called up their service center, and they asked me to bring my laptop over.
They say, 3-7days can gaodim for me.
So I happily went.
(actually they got delivery and pickup service, but the woman on the phone asked me to go there by myself, quicker.)
And I reach there, 22/11/11.
The girl at the counter said, 2 weeks.
I'm like, HUH.
I told her,the woman over the phone said 1 week.
Then the girl was like er..that is minimum.
I'm like....please make it fast.
(They are seriously contradicting each other)
And then, the girl wrote down for me in the form (need it one week)

7 days later, I called.
A man answered, he said 7 working days.
(note: I was NOT told before this)
And he said that my speaker's spare part has arrived, and the engineers are fixing it now for me.
ok lo.I said thanks and put down phone.
then 2-3 days later, no calls for delivery.
I called again.
The same man answered the phone.(I recognize his voice)
He told me they are waiting for the motherboard to arrive and I should call the next week.
Which is already the 2nd week and more.
I wasn't satisfied.
I called again the next day to ask, what is the problem of my motherboard.
Since the only fault is with the speaker.
And this time, the woman answered.
And when I asked, what happened to my laptop, you know what she replied?
She said that the speaker has spoilt again and they are waiting for the 2nd speaker.
*roll eyes*
Oh, the lies!!

My mum took over the phone, and blah-ed into their ears.
That very day, their supervisor or whoever called back to say that my laptop is fixed, and it is ready for pickup.

And thus...I only got my laptop back on Monday.
By myself.Coz the delivery is said to take days and would depend on the delivery people.
*roll eyes**sigh**angry*
insert whatever negative expressions you could think of.

So you see, my laptop was only really repaired on the day my mum complained and speak to the supervisor.
All the other reasons are made-up and lies!!!!!!!!!!
I seriously can't imagine that.= =
How could they?How dare they do that.
Somemore Asus shameless claim to be the FIRST in service.


Maiorem said...

That is why I only recommend Acer :D

Michele said...

but but acer's laptop like very laopeh.haha..not meh.

Maiorem said...

To me, Acer is still quite good, and doesn't have all the problems like the others such as HP/Compaq punya overheating graphics problem.

whiteice said...

Acer or Dell.

I think a lot of my friends are using Acer.

Even my Dad recommends Acer. lol

Sorry, butting in for no reason :P